How to cut railroad ties with the help of advanced tools

The railroad ties are also known as the sleepers or crossties that primarily used as the lateral support for the rails in which it themselves anchoring the track and give a solid support and sound base for passing the train over it. Throughout the years the crosstie technology has improved its strength and efficiency where this is achieved by properly treating the hardwood tie with the creosote for about 30-40 years before needing it replaced.


While the basic function and design of this tie has not been changed but the today’s technology have allowed other materials to utilize the high quality concrete and even composites/plastics to enhance its livelihood. In any event these railroads ties are employed in some instances especially the concrete are used heavily in the main lines even though this wood remains to be the preferred choice due to its good life expectancy and cost.


Steps for cutting the railroad ties


The railroad ties are used for many purpose in which they are used for creating a flower bed however in order to get the proper size of pieces the railroad ties need to be cut properly and evenly. This can be made with the help of the chainsaw and more added tools such as like the curry log lizard which makes the straight cut.  The following are the steps for cutting the railroad ties in the proper and same size. They are.


  • First you required to drill some hole into the guide bar of your chainsaw with power drill for mounting the chainsaw into the curry log lizard. The guide bar is nothing but the piece of the metal that is wrapped by chain around.
  • Then you need to insert the pivot pin into the hole for curry log lizard with the string end and it should be secured with the bolt nut after that you need to tauten the lock bolt with your twist.
  • Place a straight edge on the top of the railroad tie and make a felt –tip marker or pencil mark where it should be cut and repeat this process tightening the ratchet more.
  • After this put in the revolve pin into the curry log lizard and make it a mark and complete your work.


When the railroad ties are cut by following the above steps then the railroad cuttings will be perfect and proper size where all the ties will be in equal size.