How to cut durock effectively

The durability and strength of the cement board makes it as a great choice for the home improvement projects but they also make it as a little more difficult for manipulating in which you need to first learn about the right tools and methods for cutting through the rock hard material. There a wide range of the cement backer boards are available where they all are used for the numerous projects such a like countertops, flooring and tiled walls in which the board should be stronger than plywood or else it will get damage.

 Among all the durock cement board is found to be a reliable and more durable building material than the wood.  In which the construction and strength of the cement material is more challenging one than the wood based materials when it comes to the cutting. Fortunately for rock hard material you need to equip the right tools, techniques and little patience only then you can make the cement board cutting in proper size and manner.

Types of the cement board cutting

  • Score and snap thinner sheets – This is found to be the one of the easiest and best way to cut cement board because the carpenter draw a line with pencil on the cutting place after that by dragging the cement board scoring tool or drywall utility knife the pencil marking place is removed.
  • Cut straight lines with a circular saw – For cuts that are little efficient and smooth then turn to power tools while the circular saws are often used to cut the wood in quick and clean manner. The circular saw operated by pushing it evenly and slowly through the cement backer board. This tool minimizes the amount of dust when compared to the dust given by the saw.
  • Punch out circles with power tools – These tools are used for making the small circular holes for piping or wiring in which there are couple of tool options one method involves in the masonry and drill bit. The masonry bit comes in variety of sizes so it will be easy to pick one bit that you needed but the drill bit is attached to drill machine that drill the bit into the cement board where little pressure should be applied for cutting the cement board.

The cement board cutting will be requiring little effort and with the help of the power tools you can easily cut the hard rock materials in short period of time