sand concrete

How to easily and effectively sand concrete

In order to give the highly professional and classy look to your concrete countertops, there are many different ways available. When the professionals would like to give the best finishing without imperfections, everyone should have to learn how to sand concrete. Based on the look, it may be highly possible to sand it down easily and effectively using the hand or you are in need of hiring a concrete polisher or specialist. The professionals are using the different necessary tools and methods in order to do the concrete finishing process based on your requirements.

Top 3 regular concrete finishes:

There are 3 regular concrete finishes given by the professional concrete polisher and they include,

  • Salt & pepper finish – It is actually an intermediate finish where only the smaller amount of the top concrete layer is sanded off. At the same time, it as well as allows the sand under the exposing top layer but not revealing anything.
  • Smooth finish – It is the simple finish in order to achieve the excessive smoothness by hand or using an orbital polisher. This kind of finishing is not removing the concrete and it is just polishing the top layer to be shiner and smoother.
  • Exposed aggregate finish – This is somewhat a complete surface sanding with more concrete material removed. This kind of finishing is very difficult to achieve by hand so it can only be achieved without the powered polisher.

Polishing the concrete countertop:

You must always polish the concrete countertop in order to enhance the overall appearance of the surface. In order to avoid the tiny flaws and blemishes in the surface, it is significant to make use of the most precise casting process which will provide amazing polishing. For doing the sand and polish your concrete countertop, you will need many important things such as a variable speed concrete polisher, water & handheld fed with the different speed setting.

The use of the diamond grinding pads will be really very helpful for achieving from the fine to coarse. The coarser pads are really the best choice to remove the tiny blemishes and exposing the aggregates with the finest stones used for the final polishing process. At the same time, you can require many other important things such as ear plugs, Goggles, a squeegee, sanding pads or hand held diamond pads for the areas which you can’t able to get the polisher into.